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“New format of communication between authors, business and authorities”

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Creative community of artists of Europe and Asia, as well as the world


“The Commonwealth is created to be useful to each of its members”

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Association of bright creative personalities and professional marketing


“Direct participation in the creative life and commercial promotion”

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Unique Characteristic
We focus on modern technologies and the art market in Europe and Asia, adapt them for the Russian author, work with a wide audience of galleries and patrons of art, and promote cultural exchange between creative people from different countries of the world.
We invite you to add communication and business technologies to your creativity, increase your investment attractiveness and gain new experience, emotions and opportunities. We are building a useful structure that will give additional impetus to your creativity and career.

The program of residences is within the project “Platform for the Art of the Future”.  Art-Residences and open-air ...

Anyone can offer an idea or project that requires a certain amount of money. People asses the idea and if they ...

Eurasian Art Union conducts numerous educational programs that promote communication between artist and business.

The main tool in the promotion of the artist is participation in an exhibition or a special art project.

It is important for us to see not only verbal interest in talent. The undoubted fact of confirming the achievements of ...

Partnership of art and business. Art marketing and PR in world of art. Information support and PR for artists and ...


Dear friends!

If you are energetic, easily get along with people, love to participate in bright events and ...

If you own a public in social network or promoted web site, you get a lot of visitors everyday and you make daily ...

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Levels of participation in the Eurasian Art Union


The international organizational system helps the author from anywhere in the world to have at hand a complete Toolkit for their promotion.

Inter-State Assembly

The Assembly is composed of representatives of all national committees. The interstate Assembly deals with the issues of strategy and interstate communication.


National committees

The national committees are the centers for the implementation of the goals and objectives of the Union, approved by the Assembly and The General Meeting, and conduct activities throughout the country, which they represent.


Regional office

In large countries with a large number of regions (China, Russia), regional offices are opened, which are the centers of collection and implementation of initiatives


Board of trustees

The Board of Trustees includes reputable individuals who have high ranks and numerous awards, and / or hold high positions in state and public organizations.


Members of the Eurasian Art Union

Individuals and legal entities from any country of the world that share the mission and principles of the Union, agree with the Charter and confirm their desire to join the Union in writing.


Partners and Ambassador

Individuals and legal entities from any country of the world providing information, organizational, technical and/or financial support to the Union



Остальной мир: Америка, Океания, Австралия

Our awards

We establish awards

To determine the winners, we involve more than 300 experts from around the world.

Russian Art Awards 
Art Geo Awards
Visionary Art Award

Perspectives and opportunities

Growth prospects and opportunities
that are available to members of the Eurasian Art Union

We invite you to get a new experience and start right now, together with the Eurasian Art Union, to implement a new approach to the Art World - creativity, business, grant programs and communication opportunities should be in the service of your creativity and your success. Eurasian Art Union
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  • Legal support
  • Online store
  • Business artists club
  • Participation in International Fairs
  • Publications and catalogues
  • Personal exhibition
  • Competitions, festivals and receptions
  • Grants and incentives
  • Art Forums and Art Rings
  • Summer Art Residences
  • PR-promotion
  • Lectures, master classes, demo classes
  • Partnership programs


National Committee in Russian Federation

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    Russia, Moscow,Krymski Val Str., 8/2, "Union of artists"

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    ph.: +7 985 4811118
    Skype: Euroartweek

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    ph.: +7 985 4333397

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Евразийский Художественный Союз открыт для широкой аудитории творческих людей, стремящихся реализовать собственные проекты и стратегии  ... Читать больше

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